I’ve loved reading all of my life. Though I graduated from college with a degree in nutrition and worked in banking and at a travel agency, I turned my attention to writing in 1980. That’s when I read an article about writing romance and I suggested to my sister, author Lisa Jackson that we give it a whirl. She was reluctant at first, but we did a little research and with another friend, collaborated on a book that never sold. After that we went onto individual projects. I sold a “teen romance” to Silhouette First Love before I tackled Silhouette Special Editions aimed at an older audience. I sold there as well and eventually ended up writing thrillers for Kensington Publishing.

Yes, I’ve lived in Oregon all of my life and love the Pacific Northwest, so many of my stories are set in the area.

All of my books are listed on this website and the books by series are listed in order. View all books and then filter by Series. The books will be displayed in the order they should be read. Each book page also says which book number it is in the series.

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Due to family issues, I’m currently not attending any events. If that changes, I’ll note it here.

My sister, author Lisa Jackson, and I usually have contests where, if you win, you can win a signed copy. Otherwise, for a signed bookplate, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

Publicity Department
Kensington Publishing Corp.
119 W 40th St., Floor 21
New York, NY 10018

First of all, keep reading and discover what kind of books really intrigue you. Join a writing group in your area or online. Go to writing conferences and soak up all the information offered. Look online for more specific information on events in your area.

Then just write. Whatever you are currently working on, just keep going. There are lots of good ideas, but does yours have a beginning, a middle, and an end? As for a specific method, every author does it differently. You need to find out what works for you.

  • Some authors just start and write until they type “the end.”
  • Others work with detailed character sheets and specific scenes.
  • Some use a story board.

This is what I suggest:

  • Write your complete idea down in two sentences.
  • Expand those two sentences to two paragraphs.
  • Add the main characters and setting.
  • Expand those two paragraphs into two double-spaced pages.
  • Add a secondary plot line if you have one.
  • Expand the two pages into a full synopsis of the book. This can be any length, usually anywhere from twenty to eighty double-spaced pages. Include minor characters and plot twists and specific scenes if they come to mind.

The point is to see that the book holds together from the beginning through the middle to the end. If it does then from that point, write the actual book.

I suggest joining writing groups where information is shared and more importantly attending conferences where you can interact with other writers. Editors and agents often attend the conferences and you can get a short appointment to pitch your idea. Good luck!