Valentine’s Child


Fifteen years ago Sherry Sterling and J.J. Beckett made a child. But nobody in the small town of Oceantides was ready to see the golden boy marry the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. So Sherry left town, pregnant . . . and alone.

Now Sherry’s daughter longs to meet the father she never knew, so Sherry returns to her hometown, prepared to face her past—and the still single, incredibly handsome J.J. Despite her determination to forget him, J.J.’s never been far from her thoughts, and though Sherry knows he will never forgive her, she goes back to Oceantides hoping J.J. will at least accept his daughter. But then she sees him again. J.J. Beckett. The only man she’s ever loved. And this time she’s afraid she might not have the strength to walk away again.

Publish Date

January 2013